General Anesthesia

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What is General Anesthesia?

For those patients with severe difficulty undergoing dental treatment, our talented dentists may suggest general anesthesia. This differs from nitrous oxide because when Dr. administers general anesthesia the patient will be put into a complete sleeping state. This sleeping state also allows our dentists to perform multiple services at one. To learn more about general anesthesia in Bozeman, Montana, or to make an appointment, call Shine Dental at 406.587.2201 today!


Why would General Anesthesia be needed?

If a patient has extreme difficulty receiving dental treatment, our dentists may recommend in-office general anesthesia. General anesthesia induces sleep, making it easy for our dentists and team to provide the necessary care. Patients who need procedures that are rather invasive can also benefit from the administration general anesthesia. It can also allow our dentists to do multiple procedures at one time, helping to eliminate the need for multiple visits.

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Who is a good candidate for General Anesthesia?

Our dentists may recommend general anesthesia when:

  • A child cannot relax or calm down enough to receive treatment safely
  • Oral surgery or other treatment is difficult to provide when the patient is awake
  • A patient needs extensive dental work performed in a single visit
  • A patient has special needs or a disability that limits their ability to understand or comply with directions to safely receive treatment

What to expect when undergoing General Anesthesia?

Once you arrive for your appointment, our staff will prepare you for the anesthetic to be administered. Once the anesthetic has been given, our dentists will complete your procedure, allowing you to wake up once it is complete. It is important that you have someone take you to and bring you home from your appointment, as you will be unable to drive after waking up from anesthesia. You will be provided with detailed instructions about eating and drinking before and after your procedure, as well as instructions on post-operative care following treatment. Please follow these instructions as closely as possible. If you have any questions about general anesthesia, please contact our office at 406.587.2201.


Check back soon to access Dr.’s anesthesia brochure!

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