<b>What is a Smile Makeover?</b>
A smile makeover is a type of reconstructive process that improves the look and functionality of your teeth. Makeovers can be ideal for patients who are missing teeth or who have broken, cracked or severely damaged dentition. The process is ideal for those who simply want whiter, brighter and less-stained teeth. We customize the makeover process to fit your needs, so you’ll always feel confident in the way that you look.

<b>Why is a Smile Makeover needed?</b>
The reason you might benefit from a smile makeover is because your teeth are damaged or compromised. You might even be missing some of your dentition and need to have them replaced. Each person’s makeover will be different because treatment is geared specifically to your needs. Our goal is to make the makeover process as quick, easy and affordable as possible.

<b>Who is a candidate for a Smile Makeover?</b>
To determine what type of work you may need, we will examine your teeth. We will take x-rays, perform an exam and take impressions. From there, we will be able to create a unique treatment plan to get the work done. Makeovers can take days, weeks or even months to complete depending on the amount of work you need to have done.

<b>What happens during a Smile Makeover?</b>
The makeover process begins with a complete consultation. This allows us to get to know you, your unique needs and your budget. From there, we will begin scheduling you to have the work done. The process can take weeks or months to complete, and you’ll be left with a gorgeous, full smile that you can feel proud to show off. Depending on the type of work that is needed, you can expect to have one or more of the following procedures performed:

• Dental Implants
• Crowns and Bridges
• Partials and Dentures
• Whitening
• Veneers
• Bonding
• Orthodontic Care

If you would like to learn more about makeovers and how they can benefit your smile, call our office today and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you.