<b>What is Invisalign or Clear Aligners?</b>
When your teeth are crooked or crowded, it can be downright impossible to feel confident about the way that you look. Unfortunately, in the past, your only orthodontic option was to wear metal brackets and wiring. Thankfully, Invisalign has taken the world by storm and is making it easier than ever to straighten your teeth. Invisalign uses a system of carefully designed clear aligners to realign your smile and improve your appearance.

<b>Why might Invisalign or Clear Aligners be needed?</b>
There are two major issues that come from having crooked or crowded teeth. The first, and most obvious, is that it’ll affect your self-esteem. The second, and less obvious, is that it’ll have an impact on your dental and oral health. It is simply more difficult to brush and floss between teeth that are overcrowded.

<b>Who is a candidate for Invisalign or Clear Aligners?</b>
We can determine if you’d benefit from Invisalign treatment by performing a complete examination. Most patients, regardless of age, are good candidates for clear aligner therapy. In fact, many adults are beginning to achieve the smiles of their dreams thanks to what Invisalign can do. In order for Invisalign to work effectively, it is important that you or your relative commit to treatment.

<b>What happens during the procedure for Invisalign or Clear Aligners?</b>
The first step is for you to have a consultation in our office. We take x-rays, impressions and perform an exam to help in determining what type of treatment is needed. We then have the first set of Invisalign aligners made for you. You will be instructed on how and when to wear the aligners, but you can expect to wear them for more of the day and night. They should be removed whenever eating or brushing. You will then come back into the office to have new clear aligners made after a few weeks. Treatment can take a few months to several years depending on your unique dental needs.

If you think orthodontic treatment using Invisalign is right for you, call our office today so that we can get you in for a convenient consultation appointment.