<b>What are Sealants?</b>
A dental sealant is a thin plastic coating that can be applied to the backs of your teeth. This varnish is designed to fill in grooves, cracks and fissures that can be difficult to clean. The idea of applying sealants is to prevent both tooth decay as well as deep groove staining. Most sealants can last for about one to three years depending on how much wear they receive.

<b>Why would Sealants be needed?</b>
The reason you might benefit from a sealant is because your teeth are more prone to decay. You might have a child who doesn’t necessarily have the best brushing and flossing habits. A diet high in sugary foods can contribute to decay as well. If your back teeth have deep depressions and fissures, we might recommend that sealants be placed.

<b>Who is a candidate for Sealants?</b>
We will examine your teeth to determine if sealants are right for you. There is no age limit when it comes to who would benefit from this preventative treatment. We typically recommend that children have sealants placed as a way to keep their teeth protected. As an adult, you can benefit from sealants as well, since they prevent the need for fillings and root canals.

<b>What happens during the Sealant process?</b>
The sealant process begins by cleaning and drying the back teeth. We then apply a thin liquid varnish just to the chewing surfaces. This varnish is then cured with a special dental light to harden it into place. Sealants are completely clear, so no one will even know that you have them on your teeth. You can brush and floss normally, and it’s important to continue coming in for cleanings and exams. As the sealants naturally wear away, we can reapply them as needed. Our goal is to keep your smile healthy, bright and looking its best thanks to quality preventative care.

If you think you might benefit from sealants, call our office today so that we can get you in for a consultation appointment at your earliest convenience.